Memphis, TENN- On December 6th, Grizzlies PF Zach Randolph returned back to the court after being with family due to his mother, Rae Randolph, passing away.

Randolph was playing with not only high emotions, but you could see that he was happy to regroup with his teammates.

It was Thanksgiving eve when Randolph got the sudden news of his mother passing away. It was also at this time when the Grizzlies, who are currently short of Mike Conley and also free agent signing Chandler Parsons, were trying to make a push to stay above .500.

Zach and his mother had a relationship that was remarkable. On draft night, Mae was with Zach and she has thus been by his side ever since. In fact, she went to a lot of games here at the FedExForum.

Longtime fan, Bruce Stevens, says he will miss seeing her in her normal seat and cheering on Zach. “I felt like she brought a lot of energy to the arena. Whenever Zach scores, he would always look over at her direction,” Stevens said.

Throughout the city, you can kind of get a vibe that everyone was thinking of Zach during this hard time. Fans would wear his jersey, there would be plenty of “Z-BO” chants, and some took time to go on social media to extend gratitude.

What I have learned most from this is that the Grizzlies organization is more than a basketball organization, but they are a family. Fans and even media are apart of this family, but the brotherhood that is on the court is unbeatable.

The Grizzlies also went out of their way to send a message on Facebook wishing Zach and his family well. Teammates would text and call him to extend well wishes.

One thing is certain, winning the championship would be nice for the city, but the most important thing on this team is family and brotherhood. If you don’t believe me, come to Memphis and you’ll find out.

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