By Courtney Yates (Guest Writer)

We all have heard it all offseason, “Golden State got lucky.” Frankly that couldn’t be anymore further from the truth. The Warriors played extremely hard and deserved their NBA title. It’s an unfair assessment to the long hours these guys put into practice and away from their families.

“Golden State didn’t have to play the Spurs or the Clippers”

Yes the Warriors didn’t have to play either of these teams, but these teams also didn’t have to play the Warriors. The Warriors controlled their own destiny by having the best record in the NBA while the Clippers had to finish runner up in the Pacific division. This guaranteed the Clippers. While the Spurs did win the season series 2-1 against Golden State the Warriors would have had the home advantage of the series where the Warriors had only lost 2 games at Oracle Arena up until the postseason. Neither of those losses came to the Spurs. The Clippers fared worse against the Warriors last season. Warriors won that series emphatically 3-1 and most games were dog fights the Warriors proved they had what it took to get the job done. Bottom line the Warriors played the teams in front of them and beat them all handily. This team was just on another level.

“The Warriors faced a team with an injured point guard all during their playoff run.”

Yes this is accurate. The Warriors played the Pelicans (without Jrue Holiday, the Grizzlies (with an injured Conley), the Rockets (without Beverley), and the Cavs (without Kyrie Irving after a Game 1 injury) however, how is this the fault of the Warriors? We all know injuries are part of the game and it could’ve very easily been Curry on the injured list. Credit the conditioning of the Warriors as well as the medical staff for being able to survive injuries. Even if these guys were healthy Steph Curry was coming off an MVP season. All due respect to these gentlemen I don’t think the outcome would’ve mattered if they played or not.

“Lebron had no help”

This is one narrative I despise. It takes an ENTIRE TEAM to win a championship just as it takes an entire team to make the playoffs. Yes Love went down in the first round yes Irving went down in the first game of the finals but Love never really had a defined role throughout the season and Kyrie Irving although extremely talented is somewhat injury prone. Also let’s not forget that Lebron took 196 shots in the NBA finals and missed 118 of them. That’s not winning basketball against a team like the Warriors.

You cannot blame the Warriors for the schedule the playoff format or injuries to other teams. The Warriors played who was in front of them and dominated all season long en route to their first NBA title in 4 decades. With the way they are starting off this season the repeat is a very real possibility but only this time it won’t be chalked up to “luck.”

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