Top 5 Over/Under Win Total Picks

1) OKC over 50 ½
2) Toronto over 48 1/2
3) Philadelphia under 41 ½
4) Memphis over 37 ½
5) Houston under 55 ½


MVP- Kevin Durant

Defensive Player of the Year- DeAndre Jordan

Coach of the Year- Billy Donovan

Rookie of the Year- Lonzo Ball

Most Improved Player- Andre Drummond

Executive of the Year- Sam Presti

6th Man of the Year- Kelly Oubre

1st Coach Fired- Nate McMillan

1st Big Name Player Traded- DeMarcus Cousins

All NBA Teams

1st Team

Lebron James
Kevin Durant
DeAndre Jordan
Stephen Curry
Russell Westbrook
2nd Team

Kawhi Leonard
Paul George
Anthony Davis
John Wall
James Harden

3rd Team

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Draymond Green
Karl Anthony Towns
Damian Lillard
Demar DeRozan

Eastern Conference Playoff Seeds

1) Cleveland
2) Washington
3) Toronto
4) Boston
5) Miami
6) Milwaukee
7) Charlotte
8) Orlando

Western Conference Playoff Seeds

1) Golden State
2) Oklahoma City
3) San Antonio
4) Houston
5) LA Clippers
6) Minnesota
7) Portland
8) Memphis

1st Round of Playoffs

Cleveland over Orlando in 4
Washington over Charlotte in 6
Toronto over Milwaukee in 7
Boston over Miami in 5

Golden State over Memphis in 5.
Oklahoma City over Portland in 5
San Antonio over Minnesota in 6
Houston over LA Clippers in 6

2nd Round

Cleveland over Boston in 5
Washington over Toronto in 7

Golden State over Houston in 4
Oklahoma City over San Antonio in 6

Conference Finals

Cleveland over Washington in 6
Golden State over Oklahoma City in 7

NBA Finals

Golden State over Cleveland in 7.

Going to the finals 4 years in a row is very tough to do. Eventually, the extra games and less rest can catch up no matter how talented a team is. Its going to catch up some to both Cleveland and Golden State. But they’re both that much better than everyone else that both teams can push through that wall. It won’t be easy. And it will be epic when these two titans meet. Cleveland’s added depth and talent injection will give them a much better chance versus the Warriors. Regardless, the Warriors are just too freaking good. When you have the three best perimeter shooters in the game today, two of them being top 6 players in the league, and one of the mist versatile defensive teams in modern NBA history, you’re very hard for anyone to beat. Its going to be a very fun season but its going to end exactly like we all think. Even though we know the destination, it ought to be an awfully compelling journey.

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