It’s Time We Put This Issue to Rest

As much as it would have bothered me to show up to the highly priced Cavs vs. Rockets game last week only to realize that LeBron and Kyrie decided to take the second night of a back-to-back off, I would have at least respected the idea. However, if I pay $400 to go watch two NBA powerhouses face off with the playoffs around the corner, you’re damn right I’m going to be pissed off if I have to watch the 65-year-old Richard Jefferson-led Cavs get run out of the building. Fortunately for me, this wasn’t the case. But what about the guy with a low-income job who saves up some extra spending money throughout the year so he can buy tickets to watch LeBron James make his once a season appearance against his favorite team? Would we still be talking about this if teams at least had the courtesy to rest their stars at home where they play 40+ times a year? Jordan never needed to rest. When’s the last time James Harden took a night off for the Rockets? At the very least, rest these guys at home rather than on the road. On the same day that LeBron came out and defended the idea of resting star players, James Harden let the media know that he just wants to play and he’ll rest “when [he’s] done”. Now, while I could sit here and pick apart the star players in the NBA for showing up on the box score as “DNP-Rest,” this problem lies with in the NBA’s lack of punitive decisions and it’s unfixable scheduling issue. Unfortunately, there... read more

New Year’s Resolutions: Eastern Conference

The holidays are just passed us as we look towards a new year. This time of year people get really excited for a new beginning or maybe just their next chapter. Well, NBA teams also get excited for the New Year. A new year brings the trade deadline closer, the NFL ending it’s season, the NBA All Star weekend, and the time we all look forward to, the playoffs. Below we will run through new years resolutions for all 30 NBA teams. Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers This was the perfect team to lead off because they have to just keep taking it a day at a time. Many didn’t like the Hinkie process but Joel Embiid has been showing fans and media all season long to Trust the Process. We haven’t even seen Ben Simmons on the court yet. The most impressive aspect of this rebuild for the 76ers is their assets (Philly owns the Kings 2019 first round pick and right to swap in 2017). They will most likely move one of their big men (Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor) for so much needed guard help. Ben Simmons will be an excellent guard in the league but they will need some help. Their resolution is to get good value in Noel/Okafor and acquire a young guard who has potential. Brooklyn Nets Trade. They have to move Brook Lopez for a package of picks and prospects. He’s averaging more points per 36 minutes than he ever has. On top of this, he established a three-point game. The Nets are an older team and they only have eight wins. It’s... read more

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