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Let the Men Shoot


NBA coaches are foxy, sometimes too foxy for their own good. If you have a guy shooting the lights out, scoring at will, on high efficiency no-less, why is said player shooting less and playing less than his comparable teammates?

The players listed here are my nominations for more shots and minutes. I’m doing this on behalf of the people! The angry fans, the confused and scorned lovers of NBA shooting barrages, even the begrudging DFS players. I’m nominating them to you (the public)! In the hopes that we can tweet angrily into cyberspace as a unit.


Jeremy Lamb


All these phenomenal shot-charts are from


What are we doing here Mr. Clifford? There’s no rule stating Charlotte has to start at least one inept offensive wing at all times, is there?

Al Jefferson is fading, Kemba Walker is consistently inconsistent, looks like there’s room for more offense in that starting unit. Jeremy Lamb has done all you could ask for and more. The Hornets have a squad that can compete right now. Clearly Lamb deserves some more time and opportunities.

Of players taking less than 10 shots per game Lamb is averaging the 9th most points per contest. He has been incredibly efficient, boasting a very impressive .623 TS%. He leads all Hornets in PER, TS%, and WS/48.



Jonas Valanciunas

The Raptors are better when Jonas Valanciunas (JV) is involved.  That’s apparent to anyone and everyone who has ever watched the modern Raptors play a game of basketball.

In fact, the Raptors head coach Dwane Casey had a similar sentiment coming into the season stating,

“There’s been a lot made about JV finishing games. Well, he’s getting to the point of his career, with the experience, that he should be able to do that. I noticed they didn’t use him as much in Europe at the end of games, but we plan to use him, especially offensively, down the stretch. Father time is a great teacher and developer of those kind of situations.” 

However, here we are again. JV is converting a high rate of his opportunities (56%), and yet he is only fourth on the team in shot attempts (9.3 FGA/G).



The Raptors started off hot with a scorching 5-0 record, since that time they are a putrid 2-6. Fun fact; the Raptors are 34-18 since JV’s rookie season when he records a double-double. Let’s hope they figure it out before it’s too late.



Doug McDermott

Dougie McBuckets is doing bad things. . .  His TS% (.659) is third best in the league of all applicable candidates. Of players to take at least 100 attempts, and 10+ 3-point attempts, only McDermott and Dirk Nowitzki are shooting above 50% from the field and 3-point line.



The Bulls don’t need anything else from McDermott. Butler is their primary wing defender, for better or worse Rose is their primary ball handler. Their small-forward is primarily tasked with knocking down open shots. Which begs the question, why isn’t McDermott still starting? Why aren’t they swinging that ball his way for 10+ shots a night?



Dirk Nowitzki


Speaking of Nowitzki, the 37 year old German super hero just keeps on going. While other stars (cough, Kobe Bryant, cough) have seen their best days come and go, the 37 year old Nowitzki is currently the best player on an 8-4 franchise.

Nowitzki is averaging 18.5 PPG, good for 28th in the league, and he’s only taking 13.3 shots a night.  Of the 39 players averaging 17+ points a night the only player with a higher TS% than Nowitzki is reigning MVP Steph Curry. Nowitzki is also averaging the least minutes of that 39 player pool. . .  Sadly, I worry that these numbers aren’t sustainable as they are completely bonkers given his age. I’d never tell Rick Carlisle how to do his job, the man is a genius and there are few coaches I respect more, but the numbers definitely warrant Nowitzki getting a few more touches a night.



George Hill



While George Hill may be the most surprising name on this list he shouldn’t be. The league’s new Mike Conley, a truly under appreciated but gifted two way player.

The Pacers went out and acquired Monta Ellis this off-season, they also retained the services of Rodney Stuckey. The Pacers have no shortage of combo guards who like to shoot the ball. Of Monta Ellis, Rodney Stuckey, Paul George, and George Hill who has the best TS%? Yep, you guessed it, Hill does (.581).

Remember, the 2014-15 Pacers were 26-17 with Hill in the lineup, 12-27 with him out. I don’t know that Hill is a better shooter than George, he definitely isn’t quicker than Ellis, but the veteran point guard picks his spots a whole lot better. (Sorry George analytics are a thing.)


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