Ever since Kristen Ledlow was a little girl, all she wanted to do was broadcast NBA games.  

Now, an extremely gifted sideline reporter for Turner Sports, she’s become one of the biggest names in the business. Her extreme dedication and hard-work has culminated into great success and after signing a new 3-year extension with Turner Sports, there’s no doubt that success will continue.  

From NBATV’s Inside Stuff to sideline reporting for TNT, Ledlow’s schedule is incredibly busy. On a typical game day, she spends about 14-16 hours preparing, collaborating, and creating content for the TNT broadcast.

“We have an early morning breakfast meeting which is both informative and delicious,” Ledlow told HoopsCritic. “This is where we discuss what our show will look like and what our broadcast is going to hold. We go over the major headlines and what our intro to the show will look like because that’s all we can really plan for.”

From then on, Ledlow is on the clock and gathering her information for the portions of the broadcast that she’s responsible for. She’ll head straight from that morning meeting to the home team’s shootaround, gathering “insider” information about the team, what to expect, and any developing or breaking stories.

From about 9 A.M. to midnight (or later), Ledlow is on the clock aside from her small break at the beginning of the afternoon.

“This is my one or two hour period to take a jog around the city I’m in or take a nap, and get away from the game coverage. It helps me recharge and get prepared,” Ledlow told Hoopscritic.

After the nap, she’s back at it, going through a pre-game meeting and gathering her exclusive interview for the in-game broadcast (the green screen interviews you see with players and coaches).

During the game, Ledlow is the sideline reporter gathering small quotes and tidbits about injuries, rumors, and more. Providing updates throughout the broadcast, she’ll go from in-game coverage after the buzzer sounds, to gather some post-game comments, wrap up the broadcast, and then head back to her hotel.

“There is so much adrenaline that goes on in the broadcast,” Ledlow said. “It’s hard to turn it off. It typically takes me two to three hours after I get done with my job to actually go to sleep.”

Needless to say, she works extremely hard at her craft. Over the past few years, she’s continued to grow and improve, and is seemingly a veteran in the business. But Ledlow isn’t satisfied like many of us would be, she wants to strive to become better.

“Just a couple of years ago, I wanted to be in the position I am now,” Ledlow told us. “As humbly as I can put it, I am where I want to be. As of right now, I just want to continue to get better in the role that I’m in. Turner Sports has given me unlimited opportunities and this unbelievable platform to be able to do so many different things. I just want to be great at all of them now. I feel like I’ve gotten a few seasons under my belt, I understand what’s expected of me, and now I want to be truly great.”

She isn’t just truly great in broadcasting or on camera, she’s also a big believer in having a voice, and becoming great off the camera as well. Her role as the first and only woman to be hired on at NBATV, has allowed her to be a spokesperson and role model for many young women striving to become sports figures.

One of the few public figures that actually responds and replies to many social media comments, Ledlow wants to be available and help within the community as much as she can.

“I don’t ever want to be seen as an unreachable figure on television,” Ledlow told us. “I think a lot of people out there who watch the broadcasts think they can just tweet into the abyss and it’s not falling on anyone’s ears. I want the fans to know that not only am I available to talk basketball, but I am also available to talk beyond the game. A lot of times, it’s furthered a conversation that needs to be had. People need to be seen and I’ve found that it’s a basic human desire. I want people to know their voices do matter.”

A big portion of why Kristen is so popular with many, is because of her stances on big social issues while creating a good atmosphere for people to be seen. She genuinely wants the best for everyone and that’s why she’s been so successful on and off-the-court.

“I think because of the social media age we’ve created and thrived in,” Ledlow said. “It used to be that you had to do something for your voice to matter. You used to know someone or do something that people knew you by, for your voice to matter. But now, because of this digital age, everyone has a voice. I think a lot of people have misused that voice because they don’t think that they’re being heard or seen. I want to let people know that they’re being heard, they’re being seen, and one of the reasons why I interact with as many people as I do is because I know that my voice is one that is being heard. I want to be able to speak up for those who can’t.”

For Kristen, she’s doing it because she can. She wants to help and influence our community further. Sure, she’s a great sideline reporter and public figure, but she’s also an incredible person. Someone looking to help everyone out, every step of the way. It’s why she will become great at sideline reporting and anything else she pursues.

At the age of just 28, Ledlow has accomplished just about everything. Her desire to become great, along with her unique and original personality is what sets her apart from most other reporters or hosts.  With next season almost upon us, be sure to tune in to Ledlow’s contributions to the TNT broadcast and NBATV’s Inside Stuff.

For more information about Kristen and her incredible work, go to her website and/or interact with her on twitter (congratulate her on the contract extension!)







  1. Congratulations Kirsten! i have no doubt you will continue to grow and reach greater heights. You’re a hard worker and has the talent and DNA to make it up there.

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