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Welcome to the first ever Hoopscritic live blog.  Tonight, we will be updating you with everything related to the NBA Draft. It is twelve o’clock eastern standard time and we can not wait for the draft to get under way.   I will be updating throughout the day and night as we kick off this very exciting 2015 NBA Draft.  Don’t forget to follow the team on twitter too!

12:51 pm – Jacob Noble
Just had my lunch. Returned to more trade rumors than before. Windhorst saying Boston will offer MONSTER PACKAGE for Okafor if he falls to 3. Utah Jazz entertaining a return of Millsap by trying to move Derrick Favors. Luke Ridnour has now been traded 15 times in the past three days. Can it be 7pm yet?

1:01 pm – Jacob Noble
With so much time to kill, SB Nation was kind enough to help us pass the time with this amazing Generate Your Own Silly NBA Draft Scouting Report. Here is my very accurate scouting report:


2:32 pm Jacob Noble
Okay folks, I go into a meeting and come out to more RUMORS! This day is getting bananas. I will need to start taking this day off from work in the future to hang out on twitter all day. We have entered the age of adding and de-friending people on twitter sparking rumors. No one with credibility has confirmed this report but Jared Sullinger followed the Charlotte Hornets today.

Could the Celtics be looking to move Sullinger and the 16th pick for the 9th overall pick in the draft? NO ONE KNOWS!

2:49PM Jacob Noble
Welcome to the NBA where the rumors rume and we tweet on these rumors like everyday. I apologize, that was a terrible attempt at rapping. Any who, looks like the noisiest team in the draft is the Sacramento Kings. Weird part? Has nothing to do with the draft but everything to do with the love square of DeMarcus Cousins-George Karl-Dan Fegan (agent)-Vivek Ranadive. Rumors from DeMarcus has asked for a trade since Karl came on board, Vivek and Karl not getting along, Fegan never liking Karl. We have snakes, grass, moods, music, and more. Well, I will let Boogie tell the story:


5:56 pm Jacob Noble
I HAVE MADE IT! Finally at my viewing destination, the talks are still quiet but the trades will be a coming! Having wings, bud lights and ready for the draft!

6:29 pm Jacob Noble
PHOTO TIME! Sorry for all caps, we are a little excited here. Here is the officially unofficial 2015 NBA Rookies photo. Look at those plaid pants on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.


6:59 pm Jacob Noble
I have never been more excited for an ESPN broadcast. Watching that countdown was amazing. Looking forward to the raining boos from Knicks fans.

7:07 pm Jacob Noble
Well it didn’t take long for my friends to all be hammered from all of the drinking game rules. Jay Bilas speaks for a few minutes and everyone drinks many times. The players are setting down to their tables, the crowd is filling in, twitter waits with anticipation and I am here with a warm laptop on my lap.

7:13 pm Jacob Noble
Karl Anthony Towns is nervous, his heart is racing. This is the first time he didn’t get to pick his team. Got to pick high school and college but now it is our of his control. Suits are on point though. Jahlil is rocking a nice red velvet suit jacket. He also has very big hands.

7:19 pm Jacob Noble
Emmanuel Mudiay spent a lot of time with Phil Jackson? I think he is going to be a special kid but I hope an offense that doesn’t need a point guard takes him and wastes his talents.

7:26 pm Jacob Noble
As usual, my friend didn’t get enough food as we look to order online and take a shot to commence the 2015 NBA Draft. Man, that last update depressed me, hopefully the Knicks get D’Angelo and Mudiay can flourish with a face paced team. Phil is outdated. #threepointteam

7:42 pm Jacob Noble
The Towns family is happy. They all worked hard for this dream. It’s a shame they make the ladies wear hats… how much work goes into their hair? And you PUT A HAT ON THEM?! ESPN IS MONSTERS! No seriously, obviously and great pick by Minnesota.

7:47 pm Jacob Noble
D’ANGELO RUSSELL?!?!?!?!???! WHATTTTTTTTTTT. Drink, he thanked god for the pick. Also, ESPN makes up bullshit percentages for things like “Superstar ability” and such. I love this crappy broadcast. Give me Simmons, Jonathan Givony, and a couple more people who won’t be censored to say Lebron, Curry, etc.

7:54 pm Jacob Noble
I feel this Okafor selection is a way for Philly to move him, or Embiid. Although, Okafor will fetch you more considering Embiid has not played a single game. The Knicks and Celtics are after him so it will be curious to see how the Knicks draft. They will most likely take Emmanual Mudiay. Watch.

7:58 pm Jacob Noble
Sometimes dads cry. Grow up everyone. Also, TERRIBLE questions… trying to poke a player about falling one spot and bringing up tragedy in the family. Shame. (Game of thrones reference)

8:00 pm Jacob Noble
RAIN IN THE BOO BIRDS KNICKS!!! BAHAHAHHA A tradition like no other… Knicks booing their draft pick. This is why I live. Hilarious! Kristaps Porzingis. I mean, he did say that the Knicks is the best franchise prior to being drafted.

8:22 pm Jacob Noble
A whole bunch of picks happened since I was responsible enough to post here. A lot of tell signs here. Cauley-Stein going to Sacramento tells us that Boogie is on the way out. Emmanual Mudiay going to Denver says Ty Lawson is on the move. So many things happening!

8:28 pm Jacob Noble
Stanley Johnson! Arizona players are always serviceable but never GREAT. Not sure that this was the best pick but it’s what they needed. It took once question for him to say he is the best player in the draft. Stan Van Gundy hopes so too. According to ESPN, the parents are the reason why these players are who they are in terms of NBA talent. I wish my mom was a better mom.

8:37 pm Jacob Noble
The Hornets select Frank! Jordan is so happy! What a bust of a pick. Thankfully, Ainge did not make a trade for an average player. He will be pushed out of the league by being to strawny. Too many offensive only players being drafted, we know that most picks end up being irrelevant. So out of this draft, which picks are busts? This is one.

8:40 pm Jacob Noble
This is slowly becoming the most overhyped draft. Zero trades? Are you kidding me? Sounds like a bunch of teams are overvaluing players or position and getting stuck with guys who will not be making or breaking their team. What do I know though? I am in a room with Celtic fans yelling that the Celtics suck because they couldn’t convince a team to take a trade.


9:00 pm Jacob Noble
Why did the Utah Jazz select Lyles? Because he is a mobile big man. Those are words from Andy Katz. Jay Bilas comes RIGHT in and says that he needs to stretch his shot before he comes a mobile big man. Jason Williams is not aware that the Derrick Favors rumors are swirling. This draft kind of lost it’s luster.

9:07 pm Scott Turecek

9:08 pm John Clancy

9:10 pm Jacob Noble
WE HAVE A TRADE! The Raptors will send Greivis Vasquez to the Milwaukee Bucks for a future 1st and 2nd round draft pick. Oklahoma is on the clock!

9:15 pm Scott Turecek
All of that for just little Joe Johnson?! (looking at the trade with Brooklyn and Atlanta from the past)

9:17 pm Jacob Noble
Ty Lawson was hitting a hookah. FYI, Hawks took Kelly Ourbe Jr. Good pick because they needed a wing player.

9:29 pm Jacob Noble
It got really quiet with the Terry Rozier pick for the Celtics. Not to highbrow everyone but I texted Terry after the selection to give him some encouragement since most aren’t aware of his talent and ability. Everyone looks for the sexy names but Danny Ainge has a good history so you have to trust him.

9:34 pm Jacob Noble
I guess Bow Ties are important in this draft. ESPN interviewing a younger, more richer man than I on a fashion topic. ESPN going to ESPN.

9:41 pm Jacob Noble
Sam Dekker is going to need coats contrary to ESPN broadcast because the NBA season requires travels to cold cities in the winter. Sigh. The middle of the draft is becoming meow. Hopefully a superstar trade happens.

9:50 pm Jacob Noble
More terrible jokes from ESPN, a discussion about a Wizards and Raptors trade, which is ironic considering the semi rivalry that has developed between the teams. We have moved onto a second draft on NBA 2K15. I have the Suns with Westbrook, Faried, Gobert and Tony Allen so far. Waiting for fireworks from the draft.


10:20 pm Jacob Noble
“Cleveland did not win the championship” – Jalen Rose. Hot take! Official trade announcement!

Knicks get Jerian Grant
Wizards get Kelly Oubre Jr
Hawks get Tim Hardaway

Anyways, no more fireworks. No All Star traded. Just teams selection where they should outside of this three way.

10:27 pm Josh Levine
Jarell Martin is Zach Randolph

10:34 pm Josh Levine
Jarell Martin is Zach Randolph

10:35 pm Jacob Noble
Of course the Spurs got an aspiring Olympic Swimmer because they have one, Tim Duncan, retiring soon. Don’t wait for him to come to the states because he will be playing overseas for another year or two.

10:50 pm Jacob Noble
The rest of the first was a snoozer. No big trades, no surprises. Just a lot of fan disappointment. The highlight of our draft viewing party was James Bucklin saying, “His hat is too fat for his skinny head!”, when discussing the interview with Chris McCullough. Adam Silver is about to sign off the first round after the Warriors selection.

Kind of lame but like most drafts, we will find out who panned out and who didn’t.

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