The goal: A top 50 list relevant to the twittisphere, that could stir up conversation, but held merit in it’s own right.

An impossible task for any journalist in any era. I was trapped by the constraints of age, the personal preference of style and position, and the limited knowledge attained by only one mind. Indeed posting a list of my own finding without the input of others would lack substance. The list would lack depth. I wanted to paint a picture, I wanted to add voices other than my own to strengthen the findings. So I reached out to a number of respected hoop heads on social media. Members of CBS sports, NBA XM radio, Sportsnet, Bballinsiders, Bballbreakdown, BSO, the Sporting News, Hoops Habit, SBNation, Hoops Lounge, and of course Hoops Critic answered my call. The hope was that contributors of different ages, from different places across North America, working for different outlets would add substance to the project.

The outline was simple, I gave all contributors 10 days to put a list together. The criteria and method in which contributors came to their list was on them. Upon submission I combined the lists into a spreadsheet and averaged out the values of all listed players. The lowest value was #1 on our list, so on, and so on. (A non-ranked player was assigned a value of 51). In the event of a tie, the highest individual ranking is the breaker, if they tie again, we do the next highest individual ranking, etc. . .

In total 90 separate players were listed in the graph. The NBA has a colourful history, with no shortage of great players, ask anyone who participated and they’ll tell you that limiting the list to 50 was a very daunting task. I personally feel very bad for leaving a dozen players out of my list. But that’s why this was so fun, the varied opinions and lists paint a much more vivid idea of perceived greatness.

Starting Wednesday, August 19 I will release a new player every day. Starting at 50 and working all the way down to one. Each day you’ll be able to see where each voter had the selected player, who had him the highest on their personal list, and who had him the lowest on their personal list.

Who missed the cut?

Players with at least one vote: A. Mourning, C. Anthony, D. Issel, D. Thompson, D. Bing, D. Petrovic, D. Johnson, C. Webber, R. Parish, S. Kemp, R. Wallace, M. Ginobili, B, King, C. Bosh, B. Cunningham, and S. Moncrief.

Players with at least two votes: A. English, J. Dumars, W. Bellamy, P. Arizin, J. Lucas, H. Greer, A. Gilmore, N. Thurmond, P. Gasol, S. Curry, G. Hill, B. Lanier, C. Mullin, A. Dantley and T. McGrady.

Just missed the cut (receiving 3 or more votes):

*(NR) = No Ranking

59) Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald

The high voter – Jacob Noble, (45).

The low voter – 11 tied, (NR).

58) Tony Parker

The high voter – Matt Drappel, (33).

The low voter – 11 tied, (NR).

57) Dennis Rodman

The high voter – Robert Littal, (35).

The low voter – 11 tied, (NR).

56) Sam Jones

The high voter – Justin Termine, (37).

The low voter – 10 tied, (NR).

55) Earl The Pearl’ Monroe

The high voter – Matt Drappel, (27).

The low voter – nine tied, (NR).

54) Ray Allen

The high voter – Marc Griffin, (35).

The low voter – nine tied, (NR).

53) James Worthy ‘Big Game James’

The high voter – Robert Littal, (39).

The low voter – seven tied, (NR).

52) Bob McAdoo

The high voter – Marc Griffin, (33).

The low voter – nine tied, (NR).

51) Reggie Miller

The high voter – Will Reeve, (34).

The low voter – six tied, (NR).

Reggie Miller falls just short of the main event, I feel like we’ve heard that song and dance before. You know the top 50 is hard to crack when a NBA MVP (McAdoo), Finals MVP (Parker), two of the greatest, if not the greatest shooters ever (Allen, Miller), and a 10x Champion (Jones) all miss the cut.

#50 Will be revealed tomorrow, Wednesday August 19, 2015.

Don’t like it? Think we got it wrong? Maybe, just maybe we got it right? Let us know using the #HCHot50 hash-tag. Or give the contributors hell, contact info below.


Josh Eberley – / Host of the @PullUpPodcastHC, @JoshEberley

Jacob Noble – / Host of the @PullUpPodcastHC, @JacobNoble_HC

James Holas – / BballBreakdown, @SnottieDrippen

Adi Joseph –, @AdiJoseph

Matt Drappel –, @MattyD416

Justin Rowan –, @Cavsanada

Robert Littal –, @BSO

Shane Young –, @YoungNBA

Justin Termine – Sirius XM NBA / host, @TermineRadio

Marc Griffin – /, @montrealmarc

Lang Greene –, @LangGreene

Justin Salkin – /, @brooklynsbeat

Will Reeve – / Host of the All Weather Fan Podcast, contributor for @WillReeveJr

and of course,

Brian Geltzeiler – / Sirius XM NBA / /, @hoopscritic


HCHot50 Intro / Missed the Cut

#50 Pete Maravich

#49 Dave Cowens

#48 Wes Unseld

#47 Dolph Schayes

#46 Paul Pierce

#45 Kevin Durant

#44 Dominique Wilkins

#43 Chris Paul