The Rockets Appear to Be Ready for Liftoff

Houston, we do not have a problem. However, the rest of the Western Conference most definitely does. What exactly is this problem, you might ask? It happens to be the team that squeaked their way into the playoffs last year on the last day of the season only to get slaughtered by the eventual conference champion Warriors in the first round. Yes, I’m talking about the 30-9 Houston Rockets, a team that didn’t get their 30th win until March 2nd last season. The Rockets are 19-2 in their last 21 games, the best record in the league over that span and show absolutely no signs of slowing down. This pack of shooters is led by the current favorite for MVP, James Harden. Unfortunately for Harden’s publicity, there happens to be a guy in Oklahoma City having a season for the ages. Unfortunately for Westbrook, at the end of the day, people care about winning and that’s what James has continued to do so successfully this year. There are plenty of superstars in this league who would be opposed to changing their style of play for a new coach’s system *cough cough LeBron*, but not Harden. He has added on to his ability to score at will and has morphed into one of the games premier passers. Sure, he still averages nearly 30 points per game and he remains the guy that the Rockets want shooting the ball in the clutch, but he has managed to successfully add a new regimen to his game that allows him to play at such a high level. He is able to lead the... read more

Don’t Forget About Us, Other Stars Having Career Years

It’s easy to get lost in story lines of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, the two clear leaders for the MVP award based on their individual accolades this season.  Their numbers are ridiculous and unheard of in today’s NBA, Harden (28.7 ppg, 11.7 ast, 8.3 reb) and Westbrook (30.7 ppg, 10.3 ast, 10.5 reb).  However, there are some other NBA players putting up their own incredible stat lines and dominating the sport that need recognition too. Anthony Davis We start off our list with arguably the best big man in the league (just don’t tell that to Lebron James, Draymond Green and the man they fancy, DeMarcus Cousins).  Anthony Davis has improved year after year but this season, through 39 games, he is averaging career best in points per game, rebounds per game and steals per game. Unfortunately, the Pelicans don’t provide much support for this super star and that is why he is flying under the radar this season despite putting up close to 30-12 every night with 2.5 blocks and 1.3 steals. Isaiah Thomas The Boston Celtics were highly touted coming in to this season with the acquisition of Al Horford.  But what really makes this Boston Celtics team go is the 5’9” point guard, Isaiah Thomas.  Since coming to Boston from Phoenix after Danny Ainge hoodwinked his old associate Ryan McDonough, he has been one of the best scorers in the league.  He has improved each season and is shooting a career best 45.9% from the field and 90.7% from the charity stripe.  He is averaging a career high 28.4 points per game and leads the... read more

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