Doug McDermott Is Set for a Breakout Campaign

By Nathan Beighle In this past offseason, the Chicago Bulls said goodbye to two long-standing Chi-towns players in Mike Dunleavy and Derrick Rose. They also said hello to a couple of aging stars in Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. With these departures and additions, if Doug (McBuckets) McDermott stays consistent and constant, he may finally get a shot at the lime light. Doug McDermott has been subpar throughout his time in the NBA and with the absence of Mike Dunleavy, he may begin to unleash his full array of weapons. In limited minutes last season McDermott was able to scrap together 9.4 points per game in just 23.0 minutes of action. Add a 56.1 true shooting percentage to that list and McDermott may find himself as one of the most effective Bulls. Actually, for the 2015-2016 season, McDermott led the Bulls in games played by missing only one game; he played in 81. What is even more impressive than his durable and true shooting percentage is just how well he shot the deep three. From 25-29 feet, McDermott was able to make 46.4%. Let’s take a second and do a comparison; Steph shot 44.6% from that distance and Klay shot 43.0% from that distance. Let’s look a little further. KD shot 40.4% from that distance and Lillard a mere 38.8%. Even per 36 minutes, McDermott averages only 14.8 points per game, therefore McDermott has to be a more effective scorer in the time he is given. What does this prove? Not too much but the Bulls will be needing the spacing McDermott can provide to make room for Rondo’s drives,... read more

Kobe Bryant. Two Polarizing Words Of This Generation

Kobe Bryant. Two of the most polarizing words of this generation in sports. Why do you ask? Here’s a list. It’s pretty well known, even still remarkable. 18 time All Star. 11 Time All NBA First Team. 9 All NBA defensive teams. Back to back NBA Finals MVP. 5 Time NBA champion. 2 time scoring champion. 3rd All Time in points scored. All during a 20 year reign with the same franchise… The Los Angeles Lakers. (Pause; Kobe wasn’t drafted by the Lakers. The Charlotte Hornets drafted Bryant with the 13th pick of the 1996 NBA Draft for Vlade Divac. He is currently the vice president of basketball operations for the Sacramento Kings.) The Black Mamba’s legacy is something talked over and over about. After Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant was the NBA’s poster boy. By playing for one of the NBA’s most popular franchises in the city of Los Angeles, Kobe was able to mold himself into not only a star on the basketball floor but off. Professional athletes don’t become household names overnight. Kobe Bryant’s stardom and fame has led his name to be synonymous with the game of basketball. From his deadly fade away to his reverse layups, children of the earlier 21st century have molded their entire games to Kobe Bryant. Anywhere in the United States, one can find a young man who owns a number 24 or even a number 8 Kobe Bryant jersey shooting around on their neighbors’ basketball hoop. The legend that is Kobe Bryant continues to live on. But, what if Kobe Bryant isn’t nearly the greatest shooting guard (behind Michael Jordan)... read more

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Brian Geltzeiler’s true passion is the NBA. He grew up in a basketball family. His father, Burt was an elite college basketball player for Newark-Rutgers University in the late 1940’s and was drafted by the Tri-City Hawks (now Atlanta Hawks) in 1950 by their then GM, Red Auerbach.

Brian is a regular host on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio and gets his money’s worth from his NBA League Pass. He lives in Livingston, NJ with his wife and four children.