What Do the East’s Top Teams Have to Be Thankful For?

As we approach the first quarter pole of this NBA season, I began to take a look at some of the early successful teams in the Eastern Conference. Wondering exactly what it was that was allowing these teams to have success in this young 2016-2017 season, I decided to dive into it a bit deeper and see for myself. Just like in life, some are less fortunate than others and while teams like Golden State have pretty much everything to be thankful for, the 76ers can be grateful that they’re nearly halfway to their win total from last season. The Dallas Mavericks are kind of like those people who have absolutely nothing great that stands out in their lives, but they’re just happy to be a franchise. They’re like that person who looks like he has a really nice car from the outside, but then you get inside of it and there’s more food on the floor boards of the front seat than there is between Shaq and Barkley’s chairs on the NBA on TNT set. First, lets take a look at the Eastern Conference. As a whole, they can be thankful that they’re no longer the AFC South of the NBA. Having two teams below .500 make the playoffs two seasons ago prompted talks of changing the playoffs format to include the top 16 teams overall. We’ll start with the team looking down on the rest of the conference like Allen Iverson over Tyronn Lue. Drumroll…the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Resurgence of Kevin Love During his first couple years with the Cavs, he was sort of like the third... read more

Triple Double Tuesdays – November 15th, 2016

Welcome to my first Triple Double Tuesday column for the 2016-17 year.  It has been a weird year to say the least with many teams overachieving (I see you Nets and Lakers) and some high expectation clubs trying to figure out what is going wrong (Pacers anyone?).  Excited to bring this weekly column back. Three Positive Plays Lakers and Nets are combined for 10-11 Well it appears that none of us saw the Nets and Lakers combining for .500 basketball.  Both of these teams have overachieved so far, or maybe we were just wrong.  I touched on the Lakers reasons for success on the Hoopscritic Podcast, attributing to the culture change brought on by Luke Walton and the combination of the young talent getting minutes and making the most of them.   The Nets on the other hand are being carried by all-star center Brook Lopez.  It seems every year we tend to forget about Brook Lopez due to his career of injuries and the Nets lack of success.   Jeremy Lin is also better than we remember and the help of some of the younger guys like Sean Kilpatrick, Joe Harris, and Justin Hamilton have made the Nets a more competitive group than one initially thought. Hawks transitioned roster paying off Atlanta pulled off one of the better roster roll overs in recent years and haven’t seemed to miss a beat.  They saw Al Horford leave in free agency and traded away Jeff Teague.  This opened up the door for Dennis Schroder to take over and he has performed as expected if you were monitoring his per 36 numbers (19.5... read more

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