Six Things That Could Happen Before the Trade Deadline

From the Phil-fiasco in New York to the demise of a promising and talented roster in Chicago, this season has been full of surprises. Spoiler alert: don’t expect the days leading up to the trade deadline to be any different. Teams like the Celtics and the Rockets appear to be a move or two away from becoming the powerhouse of their respective conference, while the influx of big men in Philadelphia will most likely lead to one of their first-round frontcourt guys packing their bags. LeBron, a front office executive, coach and small forward for the Cavaliers, will most likely get what he wants in the form of a veteran point guard, and it appears that Phil Jackson is willing to trade Carmelo Anthony for a Kobe Bryant bobble-head at this point. Here are six scenarios that I believe would make sense to happen before the February 23rd trade deadline. While none of the following are guaranteed, it is all very possible.   One of the 76ers Young Centers Will Be Traded …and it won’t be Nerlens Noel or Joel Embiid. I find the recent Jahlil Okafor trade rumors to ring true. In a day and age where the amount strong backcourt players seem to outweigh the big men in this league, young guys like Okafor have some serious value. It’s borderline ridiculous for the 76ers to hold onto three young centers, especially with their sub-par guard play. While the Sixers could go for the immediate fix and trade for a guy like Brandon Knight who seems to be on his way out of Phoenix, look for Jahlil Okafor... read more

Deadline Day: What Makes a Good or Bad Trade?

For a basketball fan, there are few more fun days than today, the NBA trade deadline.  If your team wants to add a piece better than a 10th man, it has to be done today by 3:00.  Twitter will likely be abuzz with rumored deals, completed deals, and rapid developments.  Amidst the craze, fans tend to want their team to be involved in the rumors – to do SOMETHING to get better.  Human instinct kicks in, and fans want to be apart of the craze.   Nevertheless, what fans – and sometimes teams – forget, is that when the dust settles after a transaction done under the pressure of time, you are left with are the assets or players you traded for, and lack those which you dealt away.  And if what you dealt is better to have around than what you acquired, you ultimately have hurt your organization.   Do teams need to try to get better at the deadline?  Without a doubt.  Outside of June 23-July 15 (or thereabouts), the deadline is the only time to make significant roster moves.  However, teams also need to be prudent, and avoid making moves that can be harmful down the line – no matter how tempting they may be.   So, looking back at deals past, what are some hallmarks of good and bad transactions?     1: Teams Make Bad Decisions When They Feel That They “HAVE TO” Do Something:   Example: 2015 Suns   The 2015 Suns put together an awesome trio of point guards in Isaiah Thomas, Goran Dragic, and Eric Bledsoe, in a league where point... read more

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