Schedule Analysis For Every NBA Team Up Until December 1st

How much does the start of the season matter? There are examples like last season, in which the Rockets and Trail Blazers (both 7-11 last December 1st) eventually turn it around and make the Playoffs. Conversely, the Chicago Bulls started out 10-5 before collapsing and missing the playoffs. In general, each team will play 16-20 games from the start of the season up until December 1st with this year’s schedule. I thought it would be interesting to examine the schedule of each team from the start of the season up to December 1st and see how challenging or soft their assorted schedules are. Upon looking at all of these schedules, I came up with a best case and a worst case scenario in terms of record for each team (alphabetically) for when we hit December 1st. As the season progresses, I’ll do this for every quarter of the season. Opening disclaimer: The schedule will revert back near the mean for every team. So the teams with tougher schedules to open the season will see it ease up as the season moves on, and vice versa. However, for teams shuffling new players, the road games, strength of opponents and back-to-backs can certainly can raise the degree of difficulty. For example, Houston plays 7 of 8 to open the season on the road. Chicago has a stretch of 8 of 10 on the road in November. Preseason darlings Utah play 12 road games and 5 back-to-backs up until December 1st. While every team can turn their season around, the pressure is turned up with a slow start. Atlanta Hawks Atlanta has... read more

Seven Thoughts On The 2016-17 NBA Season

With a new season come new stories. This season will be no different. In fact, it may actually be one of the most storied seasons in NBA history. The best got better and the rest improved. The talent that has come out of the NBA draft the past few seasons has injected new life into the NBA just as the old guard (Kobe, Duncan, Kevin Garnett) moves on. I dive into a few stories, predictions, and other mischief that I believe will take place for the upcoming season. Cleveland vs Golden State: Round Three This will be the first time in NBA history that the same two teams have faced off in the NBA Finals. It’s hard to see anyone beating the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference as they shouldn’t have a real playoff series until the second round. Cleveland’s biggest competition comes from the Raptors or the Celtics, both of which are one all star away from being a contender. Until one of those teams makes a splash with a trade, the Cavaliers will be the clear favorite in the East. The Golden State Warriors will have a harder road but that road became easier with the addition of Kevin Durant. The Spurs and Clippers will compete and an injury could change the landscape of the playoffs. However, as it sits, the Warriors are still the clear favorite. We will see a third round against the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The 76ers will Trade No one outside of the 76ers front office believes they can play an entire season with Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and... read more

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